If anyone has trouble running a game, post it here!

My game is "Ripple". I'd be very curious to hear about any issues that people have running it. (It should be 100% self contained, and does not need any external libraries).

If anyone has issues with any other games as well, post here for potential help and/or resolutions from other users.

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'Ripple' worked fine on my computer, if the monster at the edge of the map, the player will hit it out of the map, it is seemed a bug. However, it is fun, I always kick the monster out of the map for playing. Also, this game supply an awesome example for me to learn pyglet. I only met problem with 'Nashes to Ashes', it is a good game, but it runs slowly on my computer, maybe this only happened on my own computer.
Sorry to hear you were having problems with performance on "Nashes to Ashes". What platform are you running on? Could you run with the "-c" flag, which shows the framerate (python -c nashes.py)?

I tried on a 2012 Mac Mini and a slightly older, but more powerful, Linux box. The Linux box typically gets framerates 1.5 - 2X higher than the OSX box but the Mac box is getting ~20FPS. That's normally OK for this type of game so I'm interested in what you are getting.

There's nothing really easy to tweak to improve the speed unfortunately.

Thanks for reporting the issue!
Sorry, I meant "python nashes.py -c" !
@paulpaterson glad to see your reply, I like your game! ^ v ^ It is quite quite professional! well, my platform is Windows(version 10.0.10586). It's terminal is not that powerful as Linux, and 'py nashes.py -c' did not work, I know nothing about the optparse module, maybe there is something wrong. However, I add # a = clock.get_fps() # pygame.display.set_caption(str(a)) in engine.py to see the FPS (your strucutres is a little big ^ v ^). The FPS value is about 21 - 23 when played. The player moving is like in space station, well, It is fine, it is not FPS style game :) My laptop is several years old and not for playing games. Your game is great, I like the scenes!
@xmzhang1 thanks for checking into that. From your description the things that spring to mind are,

1. Moving is based on key click (not just key down) so you have to press and release the key between steps. This was intentional as it seemed to feel a bit more realistic when you are being chased!
2. Maybe what you are seeing is just the animation framerate. This is pretty off and looks slow. I didn't get a chance to tune this. It doesn't affect the gameplay (except that it gives the wrong feel to the player movement!)
3. The other thing that could give rise to "moving like in a space station" is the "under-relaxation" or "lerping" of the player movement. This is a fudge to make the movement more smooth. Everything is really clamped to a 24x24 pixel grid but when the player and guards move then their actual screen position is gradually moved to the new cell. At your framerates this should be working fine but if it is not working properly then the player movement would look like you describe.

You could change the line 340 in game/gameobjects.py
Old line 340: pixel_relaxation = 0.8 New line 340: pixel_relaxation = 1.0
This would move the player immediately onto the new grid cell.

Many thanks for letting me know your experience and thanks very much for the kind words!
@paulpaterson It works! I changed the pixel_relaxation value, and the player move immediately! thank you for your detailed explaination and also for your great work!