Nashes to Ashes - made it

With a mad scramble I made it under the finish line!

I think the game came out just how I wanted it to. Some of the later levels are really nice to play and experiment on. I wish I had time to do more. I actually implemented one in the last hour, which was pretty hairy! I was a bit afraid I would make the game unwinnable!

Anyway I uploaded a version. I have only tested on OSX. If I can resurrect my cable modem (which mostly played ball today!) I can try testing tomorrow on Linux in case there is any weird show-stopper bugs.

Looking forward to playing everyone's submissions!

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Minor FYI for anyone playing, I was lacking a dependency of networkx called "decorator". (Yes this is a real python module, though I don't know why they named it something so hard to search for.) Anyway, if you get "ImportError: No module named decorator", then you can install decorator with "pip install decorator".

Thanks - I'll add that to the zip so other people don't get tripped up by that!