Day 1-7

OK, quick write up before submission. We are doing a puzzle-exploration kind of game using a submarine environment. The story revolves around a mysterious figure who "can't let you in". We are using pymunk to drive a bunch of underwater collision physics that are needed to solve puzzles and make your way deeper into the underwater environment. We got off to a pretty good start this comp. The theme choice wasn't my favourite, so we ended up modifying another theme idea we had already brainstormed; I'm pretty happy with how it worked out. Day 1: brainstorming story ideas, game ideas and structure. Day 2-4: Getting pymunk to do a bunch of things including buoyancy, explosions, magnetic forces Day 5: Lucid had a bunch of artwork done day 1-2, which was great, really helped shape how the game was going to work. Got most of the rest of it in the game by day 5. Day 6: Level design: finally! I managed to participate in a pyweek and not leave it until day 7 to do this, and it was much less stressful :) Day 7: finishing level design, cutscenes, titlescreen, cleaning up game structure.