OK, finally, MY OWN GAME is done. Genernally, I am satisfied with it, however, I am sorry for that I did not find proper background music and sound effect, and also , I give up many beginning thought.No worry, there is still pyweek 23 in the front. In order to decrease the difficulty, I delete half of enemies, I also add a cheat code on intro, you can enter ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA to get 30 lives. All I do is hope you can enjoy it, and also any suggestions are welcomed ^ v ^

Game Screenshot

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Wow This Is Awesome.....I Love It... Good Work!!!!
The game looks fun. Here are some things I noticed: The enemies are really fast. (maybe thats just me) Should the the player really have to restart the whole game every time they die? The character gets stuck on platform corners for some reason.
Thank you very much for kind suggestions. I will try my best during the next hours to fix it! ^ v ^ .For lack of experience, I use small screen mode (640, 480), I am just fraid that blit tiled on screen will cost a lot of time, it will drop the fps. But it is seemed I am wrong,(I also spend extra time to convert the tile in short size, how silly I am), you know, the sprite should at least move 1 px per frame every update, because my screen mode is small, and the enemies speed seemed quite fast, the cops move only 1 px per frame and I think maybe the FPS I do not set it in the right way, or I really dig a whole when I set the screen to (640,480). The player first set is go back 10 px when hit, but I find sometimes it fell down the gap,and then I designed to fell down from the topscreen, but when get a new life, the player will die if by chance hit an enemy. Finally ,I just set it to the very beginning, it is an easy way to solve the problem, but it is really uncommon. I will add the invulnerable state to the player, so when get new life, will not from the beginning. yeah, I use rect to collide test, it will gets stuck when hit the corners, when hit left, i reset the left to the block right, when hit top, I reset top to the block bottom. It will course problems, I think I will try to use mask to solve the problems. OK, Thank you for your suggestions, I will try my best to fix it, God bless me that time is enough.