First upload

Ok, the game is playable. Hardest part done. I got a few friends to demo it and they seemed to enjoy it. It still needs a lot of polishing and definitely at least an intro and some credits (the most important part). Let me know if you've played this bare-bones version, if you liked it.

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I had a go, there were a couple of errors that were thrown up when I ran in python 2 and 3, I fixed them for 3 and had a play. It's a tough game, but fun. Sometimes I couldn't jump when standing next to a box, which was making level 4 far too frustrating! It's a fun take on the theme, twisting a platformer to fit. Not bad!
It looks fun, and maybe I'm crazy. But the controls seem pretty counter-intuitive to me. Just a suggestion. :)
Oh wait, I just figured out how to change the controls. xD sorry. But why does it start at Level 7, and then just end?
Your screenshot looks great!