Only 4 days to go, It seemed that everything goes well.

I have finished several part of my game,applaud to myself first! To be honest, for lack of experiece, I can not set a blueprint first, I had a plan, but when did it, met a lot of problems, finally change it. When creating some effect, some other ideas may come out, then try to do the new idea. Yesterday, I suddenly found that my code can not work on Python 2, I want my game to be played by as many people as it can, so I spend several hours to find the problems. One is I should not put arguement like __init__(x,y,*group,reverse = false), because in Python 2, you can not put default parameter before *parameters. Another thing is I should not 'class Object:' it shoud be 'class Object(object)' in Python2 when you want inherit and use super(). Now, Python2 problem solved, but sorry for my game progress, I do not think I arrange my time resonable, anyhow, I enjoy the progress. OK, there is a deadline in the front, so I should go on fighting ^ v ^

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Wow....Good Job... ----> I didn't plan-out my game well, there are lots of tech. I should have used to standardize my game but due to lack of experience I just jump into coding and now my game(Treasure Seeker) is somehow running slow due to the way I load all the graphics into memory.. I applied one technique but it seems to work only a little: I loaded everything into memory before starting the game, while the game is playing I make sure I remove all unwanted graphics and objects from memory using garbage collection(Java programmers will know this).. Just to boost the performance and fastness of my game... Anyway I still like the progress of Treasure Seeker, because this is my first attempt to design a platformer game and it turns out to be a success.. But by next pyweek I am going to create a neat, fast, well designed and fantastic game.....