I dig a hole, nealy burry myself.

I am doing a platformer game this time, I thought it should be easy because i saw a lot of similiar examples. But I was wrong, I did not check their code, just thought it is easy. And now, I feel tired out, nealy two days passed, I finally get my player walk, crouch, jump in my own way. Even though it is not flexible operations, at least it works. English is still my problems, I am worried about that other people can hardly get the story I am telling, tell a story is not easy, especiall tell a game story. Also technical problems, 1) I want to creat anti-gravity workd,(it should SHOULD be easy, that is my main part). 2) I want add save and use json module, (still, I never used before, I just know other people use it). 3) I want add an replay, the computer memory the event and time, and then post it, this would be a innovation, however, I do not know I can do it. OK, forget all about that, I should go to sleep first, tomorrow is another day.