Days 1 to 5

OK, quick write up ... has been hectic up until now. We had a pretty good bunch of concepts worked out for all of the potential themes, and I'm pretty happy with how our "The Aftermath" concept is shaping up. We are doing an overhead view tile map real time strategy game when you need to command and control a spacecraft crew after a major disaster has hit the craft while journeying through deep space. Day 1-3 got a basic engine working for the game play: point-and-click mechanics, path finding using a-star for units (this was such a pleasure to do in python!) ... (thanks to helpful reference: ), basic game design done. Day 4-5 has been focused on finalising artwork, integrating into game and testing, starting to design UI and title screen cutscenes for story etc. We are tracking reasonably well, but as always there will be a crunch time tomorrow night :).