Climbing Moon Plant

Got the basic idea down, the character can move around and jump on platforms. But falling down is still a problem (this entire jumping thing is not as easy as I thought). So the aim of the game will be to make the climbing moon plant (a moon plant species) grow after a disaster, when aliens destroyed your beloved climbing plant ("aftermath"). Once it reaches the top of the screen, the game is finished. To make it grow, the following conditions need to be met: - Make moon water crystal drops fall onto the plant (shoot with your moon shooter at the passing moon clouds, so they dissolve and drop these things to the ground.) - Catch and Collect moon fireflies and bring them to the plant. - Turn on the moon lamp by jumping onto the generator turbine. To help with that task, there are platforms where the character can jump onto and from onto other platforms. Also the character can activate a "burst" mode, where the character runs faster and jumps higher. Also, there will be aliens how try to destroy your plant. Points will be awarded for almost everything, but the most important thing is to finish the game as fast as possible, so time is the most important factor, and will get you get the most points. Ok, will continue working on the game now, I hope to get the jumping problem solved. I hope to solve that, and implement 80% of the game by end of tomorrow. Thanks for listening peeps and good luck everybody!!! :) :)