Grass, grass never changes

So "The aftermath" won. That's good, because I always wanted to make a post-apocalyptic grass shearing game.

I will be spending all of today on making assets, and probably tomorrow and the day after.. but well that's what you get if you want to make a 3D game. MakeHuman will help with a character, so all I need to do for that is to merge the meshes into one object, edit the uvs and do some texture painting - I think 2-3 hours should do.

I already have most of the vehicle I want to use done, thanks to someone called "eezerz ..". I took his model:

and made it a bit more post-apocalyptic:

Oh, yeah, and I also set up a GitHub repo, but there's nothing there at the moment:

So 6 (six!) hours later I got a character textured and rigged, no animations at this point... oh boy, this is gonna take longer then expected...