Help with skellington-2.3

Hi, I downloaded skellington package and ran the file on Windows 8.1
D:\skellington-2.3> File "D:\skellington-2.3\", line 18 data = data.replace("yourgame" + varname, varvalue) ^ TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation
I already read the readme.txt files but none of them tell me how to use skellington. a files in the scripts folder is named "yourgameshorname", I think it changes when runs correctly but I don't even know where to provide a name. Neither the "--help" option works. Regards.

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Looks like the skellington was not written with Python 3 in mind. I recommend not using the skellington. Just follow its conventions to help the judges later:
  • The root of the archive you upload should only contain one directory ("my-game-1.0"). Everything should be within that directory. (I.e. avoid creating a tar-bomb.)
  • Have a README file (or README.txt or Include the list of team members, the dependencies, some instructions, and the license. If the game includes resources not created by the team members (images, sounds, music, fonts, etc) credit them in the README.
  • Have a file called "". Running "python" should start the game.

I tried to keep an extensive list of the conventions that judges will expect in this post. But cyhawk's summary hits all the main points, if you don't want to read the whole thing.

Note that skellington in general doesn't work perfectly. It's OK to use it for what it gives you: a skeleton. Then you fix all the problems and get on with writing your game. It's really useful for not having to remember how to do uploads from scratch since the last time you did pyweek. Because that is not humanly possible :)