Starting with Cocos2d

Hi, I need help with cocos2d. I installed it but it seems to be only a library. Should I use cocos2d-x for PyWeek ? Is there any graphical SDK for creating a Python only game? I thought cocos2d looked more like Unity, Game Maker, Construct 2 and every other tools. Maybe Cocos Studio? (though I'm not sure it's allowed in PyWeek) Regards.

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So, I don't really know the answer to your question, but I didn't want it to go unanswered. Hopefully someone who knows better can chime in.

But my impression is no, there's nothing quite like Game Maker or Construct 2 for Python. I don't know about Cocos Studio, but if it can't be run with a Python interpreter, people are going to be reluctant to try it, whether it's allowed or not.

There's a Python game engine called Ren'Py, which is designed to be easy to use. The thing about Ren'Py is, it's pretty limited to visual novel style games. I can remember at least one PyWeek entry written with Ren'Py, and I remember it being pretty good. If you want to enter PyWeek without having to do much coding, that would be my suggestion. I know visual novels require a lot of content, though, so you would have to get creative.

So cocos2d entries in PyWeek are made completely by writing code by hand ?
That's the way it is BitWarp! :) Welcome to our group! ;D -=m0dem=-
Thanks !!!