Can a non-team leader upload diary entries?

Can a member of a team who is not the team leader upload updates?

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No, but one time, in a previous pyweek, we put someone on our team just for the purpose of them making the updates.
The answer was yes for diary entries in previous PyWeeks. Has it changed? Diary entries are discussion posts associated with your game entry.
Anyone in the team should be able to post diary entries (and upload stuff) for the team.
If not, there's the workaround (if, for example, you are an individual and want to be judged as an individual despite having someone else posting updates) you could remove someone from your team right before the end of the competition.
Thanks for the info
AHH. For some reason my eyes saw "team member" instead of "team leader". Forget what I said. Yes, anyone on your team can post updates for the team.