Cocos2d for Python

Hello all. I am learning the Cocos2d library for Python in preparation for Pyweek 20 and there appears to be a lack of tutorials for cocos. Does anyone know of any good tutorials or example games that would be beneficial for a beginner into Cocos2d and Pyglet? Thanks!

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Ok, another thing. Are there a few games entered for Pyweek that were made mostly using Cocos2d? I'm just trying to learn.
I seem to recall that richard and reidrac both use pyglet+cocos2d. I randomly downloaded richard's PyWeek 12 entry and it looks like it does. Probably several more in the list too.
Ok. Thanks Cosmologicon! I'll look into them. :-)
I'm also installing cocos2d for Python. It seems to be only a library, I thought it'd look more like Unity or Game Maker. Is it allowed to use cocos2d-x or any IDE for PyWeek ?