Changing my account password

How do I change my password? There doesn't seem to be any publicly discoverable means to do this.

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Click on your name, select Your Account and then type new password in Password and Again fields. When done click Save Changes.
That does nothing, it seems.
Okay, my initial assumption was correct. Those are just verification of your password in order to make changes to your profile, not to enter a new password. However, if you write the wrong password (or when I attempted to put in a new password) it gives no error message.
Sorry blakeohare but that was just my presumption. I really don't know how to change it. Ask Richard about it (PyWeek creator and organizer).
Now I've made it worse by going through the lost password routine and so now I have random gibberish as my password. I suppose it's more secure than my dictionary word former password :(
Okay, I really really wanted to change my password. So I learned Django. I've read through the PyWeek source code. And hooray, I found it! When the captcha was added to the registration page, it was added in two places. The registration form: And the registration page HTML: However, it appears that the profile update page uses the same Registration form to validate itself: Despite the fact that it uses a separate HTML template. Because the captcha widget isn't on the page, it will always be blank, and the form validator for the registration page REQUIRES it, which is used for the profile update page. And so the .is_valid() check will always fail: So in order for Blake to change his password and find true happiness, the snippet of HTML that was added to the registration HTML template needs to be added to the profile HTML template as well. OR A separate Form validatormajig class needs to be added specifically for the profile update page. On another note, Django is kind of neat.
This is a bit of a pain for me too - stuck with a gibberish password. (Plus I was planning to change my username.)