Rate my game too

My game isn't published for PyWeek (my false, I forgot) but you can still play it and rate it.

So you can be nice and rate it and I will play your game and comment it (I can't rate it for real but I will rate it in comment)

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I think many people are going to start playing the games only on the weekend. At least that's how it is for me. I'll keep yours in mind too!
I don't have pygame and It doesn't work on my raspberry pi or mac D:
Hi, knowledge,

I played it and used your form to rate it. The layer.name workaround worked fine. Since you require a patch to the system pytmxloader library, I would suggest this fix instead: self.name = getattr(_layer, 'name', 'noname').

I like the game concept. It was kind of odd and entertaining to be the little brain running around the control room pushing buttons to make the little guy go. I also enjoyed the slightly out-of-tune piano music.

The game could have benefited from some extra "chrome" in the form of a splash screen, menus, animations and whatnot. But what you have is adequate for a Pyweek. Nice work.

I made it up onto the platforms, all the way to the top. I thought maybe I could jump through the hole in the ceiling, but that did not work. I could not figure out what the other controls did, nor how to get out of the room. A hint would be appreciated.

Unfortunately I haven't make end of the game.

You can press 'i' button for information about controls.