Better late then never

I had a bit of a long start - that is to say I didn't start until today - but I made some progress anyway.

First things first. The idea. When I voted for the One Room theme I imagined I would make a room-escape, survival-horror, tower-defense hybrid, where you need to make some MAcGyver style traps to fend of waves of zombies...but with 4 days left? Not a chance. Enter plan B.

Plan B is a much simpler game - a kind of Memory on steroids. In short - To score a point you need to find two (or more) matching items, usually cards with pictures, in my version -colored cubes. Ok. But where's the one room in this? Well, the cubes are placed on all six walls of a cubical room. But it's not as simple as clicking on two cubes on different walls, oh no, you need to walk from one to the other - and did I mention you can walk on all of the walls?

An early screen: