Day 1

I'm doing an adventure game this Pyweek. I've never done one before, but had been thinking over previous contests that it might be possible to write an adventure set it in a single room; that the limited environment might put it just the right side of too ambitious.

This is obviously going to require some cleverness in order to organise a whole story to happen all in the same place. I'm inspired by single-set stage plays, where some of the action happens off-stage, and the actors talk about it in the scene. People going in and out offers the opportunity for them to bring or drop props.

So I spent the first six hours or so of today knocking up a first draft of the script. I've written it in a Restructured Text-inspired format, which can be parsed and hopefully played back once there are characters in the scene. Here's an excerpt:

RALPH: You only just passed the basic certification!

.. choice:: I turned someone into a frog!

    GOBLIT: I turned a man into a frog!
    RALPH: That was a toad. And he still had man lips.

I started knocking up some graphics but the room is very bare still. Adventure games certainly require a lot of art, but the programming should be much more simple than some of my previous entries. I've kept the art style for the characters deliberately simple too, to make it faster to animate them.

Bare room with Goblit

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That is looking quite nice already, love the art style - good luck!
Nice, looking forward to seeing this develop...