Could I use...?

Recently I have been working on a Level/Terrain Editor for Panda3D. It outputs a heightmap, an attribute mapa (tells where different textures go on the terrain, or where grass grows) and a json serialized dictionary with the location, name and scale of 3D models placed on the map.

In a way it is an editor like Gimp, Blender or Notepad++. But at the same time it's written with Python and it uses the same game lib that I always use for Pyweek, and more it comes with a demo showing how to use the maps generated...the python side of the demo is simple, but the shaders that are used are a bit complex.

As far as documentation goes... there are some inline comments.

The initial release was 3 moths ago, but the last update was 12 days ago, the code is available on github:

So.. would You consider it fair if I would use this editor (with its shaders) in the coming challenge?