Base for game

Can we use base for game?

I mean I have basic program with main menu and nothing more

and I want to expend it on Pyweek to game.

Is this allowed on Pyweek?

Do I have to create documentation?

Here is the source code.

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The rules say:

"If the online documentation is only code (ie. it's a web CVS viewer, or similar) then it's not OK. Any existing code you've written should be considered out-of-bounds for the duration of the challenge."

So I would interpret this as "no"...but noone has yet been disqualified on Py'Week and the snippet ain't all that big nor complex so I for one would not mind if you use it.

But it will be most fair if I create examples/documentation?

It's so small and simple that I think anyone (with knowledge of PyGame and OOP in Python) within 10 minutes.

Also, must it be created with Spinx or I can simply create HTML page?

The idea is that you can create reuse anything that is generic, in the "library" meaning. There are some libraries and modules that were created as part as a PyWeek (eg, I released a tiled JSON map renderer for pyglet). This is more about honesty. If you think you're cheating, don't do it. As wezu said, nobody has ever been disqualified. Don't worry too much and have fun :)
Sorry, I'm on mobile and Pyweek comments are... well :(