idle, a loss of resolution...

Here's what we came up with, with this month's 8-bit Pyweek theme and the 168 hour cap. "idle" is a text-based RPG where the player interacts with characters and answers questions to gain items and unlock areas required to win.

The story takes place on "idle ilse." when a food stand guy's ex, "Gurl" shows up to win him back and alter the island to match her personal 8-bit style.

If the player selects an incorrect answer to a characters question, the games resolution is reduced. The lower the resolution, the more difficult the game is to finish.

The object of the game is to visit all 8 areas of the island and convince the characters that 8 bit style isn't right look. Persuading characters around the island to take your side will irritate Gurl into leaving, restoring island the island to it's original resolution.