As you know I haven't submitted my game. Well, I had to wrestle with cocos2d framework more than building the game itself. I realized that my choice of libraries is very bad and I really had to select such library where I already have a control. Unfortunately, tiles (.tmx) never worked on cocos2d (only trivial one works) for me so I couldn't make levels with it and I had to resort to placing tiles in game manually which is bad.

Anyway, I learnt a lot with it and hopefully will complete the game in few days (by either replacing framework with pygame which has good .tmx support etc). Good luck everyone who have submitted their games (I'm just downloading and testing them!). See you at next pyweek :)

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Sorry, the tmx support in cocos2d is my fault, and I put in considerable effort bug fixing it this pyweek so it's much improved but I'm still sorry that it affected your entry :(
Hi richard, I think I made a mistake in selecting the framework because I assumed since I know Python very well it would somehow result in a good product without even considering that I don't know anything about framework at the time of creating a game. So, I don't think it's your fault. I see that you DNF as well. Did you also struggle with cocos2d? And do you recommend me to switch to pygame or just wait for your/other changes?

Cocos2D is difficult to get, at least it wasn't easy for me when I used it. In fact pyglet "looks easy" but it's not if you're worried about performance.

At the end the important is to understand how the framework works I guess :)

Active community should also be considered when choosing a library. I see that pygame is probably the most famous game framework for python. It also has several independent extensions like separate .tmx loader (which was very important in my case).