Official announcement

Coming this april...

To a network cable near you

Experience the likes of which you may have experienced many times before, and yet will never have experienced in nearly exactly the way you will soon be experiencing, in April, when the 4th pyweek kicks off and then ends...

Century of the Fruit Bat is proud to present...

A preview of the preview that is to come...

Romance, explosions, physics, collision detection, all taking place in a world gone mad!

Amaze yourself, when 1000 elephants will soon fill your screen!

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How dare you also make an absurdly long entry name!
Just what are you accusing me of?
In a most nonserious way, I am jokingly claiming you stole my idea of having a really really big entry name.
Century of the Fruit Bat never steals, we merely borrow in creative ways and then sell at twice the price. Ideas will be returned to their respective authors after their usefulness has waned. Profits will remain with Century of the Fruit Bat indefinitely. All rights reserved for Century of the Fruit Bat. Originaly idea for the title most certainly NOT credited to Terry Pratchett or eugman.