Downloading things

Will it be better for me to download some other modules? I have only PyGame.

And will it be better for me to download Python 2?

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PyGame and Python are enough to create some games. Some other games need other modules. Without knowing your requirements it's hard to be specific :)
I developed the game using python2.7 should i mention this in readme?.. i didnt' think it was a problem. .

gizmo_thunder: it's not a problem, but you're supposed to explain in the README what is required for your game to run.


I thought will it be better for playing others games?

Yes, other games are likely to require you to install dependencies. You could just figure them out as you go along, but if you want to get a head start, I recommend installing pyglet, PyOpenGL, Ren'Py, lepton, cocos2d, and pymunk.

What about Panda(what is that anyway)?
Yeah Panda3d is another one you can get if you want, there's usually 1 or 2 entries that use it. Panda is always a real headache for me to deal with, though, so I would consider not installing it until you know you need it.
I can't install some of them (pyglet) because I don't have Python 2.

Do I have to install Python 2?

I think you should get python 2. Many entries will require it, including mine. (Incidentally I'd like to make my entries python 3 compatible, but getting Pygame to work with python 3 on Linux is another headache.)