Bits of Eight - Day 5

I started this evening by tuning the sailing physics so that heeling works more or less right, and the sail power varies by different points of sail. I like it, but it's rather hard from a combat perspective, because when you're heeled over your guns shoot up into the air at a preposterous angle, or down into the water. I like the sailing physics but it might need some tweaking to make it fun.

The rest of the evening I spent on particle effects, like gunsmoke and shrapnel, which looked pretty good until I remembered that like the key feature of wasabi-scenegraph is the per-pixel lighting, so I added muzzle flash and was completely overawed by how beautiful the results came out.

Adding textures to the ships was actually only a 10 minute job with Blender, now I know how to do it:

Finally I did some massive hackery to create the normal-mapped water we've been dreaming about since day 1:

Tomorrow night is the last night I can spend on Pyweek (though other team members should be around on Saturday), so I'm hoping to finally tune the combat model so we have a game.

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Congratulations on learning so much.
Wow, this is really cool. I haven't played it but, by the graphics, this will probably get high production and overall rating. :D -M0dem