Bits of Eight - Day 2

We've landed a few features today, including our first HUD graphics and the ability to fire cannonballs: Cannonballs flying I've also added other ships and fixed the immediate performance problems this presented: Sail on the horizon There are still a mountain of things to do, but I'm pleased that solid groundwork is going in and it looks like we're going to actually have a game at the end of this.

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Wow, this is really cool. What are the requirements to run it? (like the game engine stuff)
I don't really know :) I think everyone on the team can run it, and we're split between Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. Sound is proving harder; it seems that the AVBin on Ubuntu 14.04 doesn't work with Pyglet (or doesn't work at all).
Sorry, I don't think I explained well :) Like what do you need to run this game (pygame, blender, etc.) Thanks -M0dem

These ships look really good!

Re: AVBin, two tips that work for me: first, install version 11 alpha if you can (from AVBin downloads and second change the driver order in pyglet's

and try "openal" before "pulse" -in my game I use
('openal', 'pulse', 'directsound', 'silent',)

I hope it helps!

Thanks, reidrac, I'll try that out and let you know how it goes. M0dem, it depends on PyOpenGL, Pyglet and wasabi-scenegraph so far. We will need this fork of the lepton particle system (that fixes 64-bit support) too, which will be more problematic for people. Last time I stubbed it out so that if you can't get it installed you get no particle effects but the game is still playable. I don't know if that's a good idea. The game was much less enjoyable without particle effects. We have a bigger team this time though. Hopefully we will be able to build binary distributions for all the platforms.
Oh, I need to add <p> tags explicitly? :-(

PyWeek is so 90s!

Btw, I forgot to say that you need to install openal otherwise pyglet will try pulse again ;).

Appropriate for the 2010's would be Markdown, IMHO. The 90's can keep their fancy HTML tags (hidden). ;)
Oh! Someone fixed lepton! YAY!