Day 2: Slow start

Today I wasn't too inspired so I started working on small and simple things, which means that I don't have a game... but look a this lovely stage selection screen!

Looks nice, but I kind of regret doing this because the map is not 100% accurate (pixels!), so I hope nobody gets offended if I place a city in the wrong place ;).

Johannesburg is locked in the screenshot; you are required to complete some missions so other stages are unlocked, but you can replay old stages at any time. In this way it won't be that bad if I can't finish too many stages (I'll try 10!).

Also I've been drawing some basic graphics to start working on the game engine tomorrow. I'd like to have the basic mechanics working by Thursday so I have more or less two days to finish the details and stage design.

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Jo'burg's in about the right place, at least. :-)
I can verify that -thats where I am!
Yay! Pixels! Thanks :)