Day 1

Day 1 screenshot

None of us were that enthusastic about the 8-bit theme, so it took some time for us to settle on a game idea, but we've eventually decided on some sort of boardgame inspired concept, with the protangonist as a robot with 8 flags which can be toggled, and various puzzles that require having the flags set to the correct state.

Having settled on a concept, the rest of the day was spent trying to add enough scaffolding that we could actually start looking at implementing gameplay. Progress was somewhat delayed by detours into making things look more 8-bit'ish and repeated discussions about the gameplay, but it showing signs of progress.

We have art for the protangist and some of the items in the game, and a fair amount of work on the general game state and board, and a bunch of work on rendering ugly text, and grand plans for the rest of the week (which will meet with rude reality tomorrow morning).

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I've reached almost the same idea: robot, bit flags, colors. I've submitted mine 15 mins earlier. So, even timing is identical. And I though I am super mega creative genius :). It is going to be cool to compare how much in the end gameplays are gonna differ from each other (I am doing assumption that I am going to finish, which is optimistic assumption). Good luck!