Bitris Begins

Off to a good start. Have the basic gameplay ready. Have to figure out the transitions and levels. So here are the details about the gameplay. Bitris (almost like tetris but with bits) Story: You are a program assigned the task of returning the binary representation of the number given. You have limited time to do this. If you make too many errors creating the binary representation program will be terminated. GamePlay: 8-bits are falling from the top of the screen. You are supposed to toggle the bits to create a binary representation (2'complement) of the number. If you successfully do it before the bits fall all the way down you gain points. If you don't it settles at the bottom of the screen. If you have missed too many numbers you loose. What i have so far: 1) 8 bits falling down 2) new bits fall on Success/Failure of a round. 3) Game Over is printed. Git hub link: