Has anyone done anything other than graphics?

  Has anyone ever made a game for PyWeek that uses no graphics, like for example an RPG or text ball game or something like that?  Thanks for any help in advance : )

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I can remember at least one example: a puzzle game that was (to me) a bit incomprehensible.

Also Rectifier has made two console-based games, though it's not really the case that they don't use graphics.
Two editions ago console was 
Oh, I hate PyWeek website :(

What I was writing before the comment was posted was that console was a cool ASCII art game, but I guess ASCII graphics count as graphics too.
I recall an audio-only game some years ago, but the name escapes me.

@reidrac sorry about the website; one day I'll find time to improve it...
Richard: the code is still available, I might do it myself! ;)
Ok, the console game, how do they make the figures, is it text or like pixels?  Thanks :)
They used text (ASCII art). The result was pretty good!
I wonder how it would go if someone submitted a text rpg type game.
I think you should do it. However, you need to keep in mind that your Production score will suffer. I get the impression that many people will not rate it higher than 3/5 on Production out of principle, and it doesn't help that the PyWeek site's help text for judging Production explicitly says "Did this game have graphics and sound?"

I personally would gladly rate a text-only game 5/5 on Production if it was actually really well produced. Things I would look for include: practically no bugs; in-game help text; tutorial; simple, easy-to-use command system; save system; a good amount of content. Most PyWeek games slack on these, so if you use the time you would have devoted to graphics and sound instead focusing on these things, you have a good chance of standing out.
Ok, thanks for the help and encouragement. : )
BTW - I am wondering if I can use Python 3.3.3 to build my game?  Or do I have to use Python 2?  Thanks!
You can use Python 3 - pygame and pyglet both support it. So does a text-based interface :)