May 2014

How's everyone feeling about the challenge?

After a DNF in the Sept 2013, I feel I lost a little momentum. However a game and some GFX since then so looking forward to the fun :-)


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I'm at PyCon in Montreal at the moment, and will be giving my Intro to Game Programming tutorial tomorrow morning. And then busy with other PyCon stuff for the next 8 days. When I get back I might have some time to think about PyWeek :)

Having said that, I've been playing with PyxelEdit again for the tutorial and I'm really keen to put together a new platformer with pixel art :)
Lots of videos online already - including Richard's tutorial

Our baby was born yesterday! I'll do my best to incorporate him in our PyWeek entry. He's not really 8-bit or bovine or a planetoid or a mushroom, but we will see.
cyhawk: congratulations! I guess it's not that important to follow the theme as long as he learns python ASAP ;)
Congratulations cyhawk and family!
Would love to join but I'm not sure what library to use. PySDL2 looks too low-level but pygame & pyglet are both dead. Then again I won't have to worry about using a non-updated library if it's for a 1 week game. :P I've used pygame a lot before but pyglet looks very interesting... thoughts?
I am using PyGame as it is comprehensive, widely available and most people have it installed already. The website is horrible and a redesign + PyGame 2.0 is endlessly 'coming soon' but the library still has a good deal of life in it yet. Sure there's newer and shinier libraries but the are often unfinished/unstable. That said PyGlet is rather fast and not too hard to learn so it really depends on the game. I've often given up on some games in PyWeek in the judging phase because I was spending more time resolving dependencies than playing the games! Some libraries install with no effort and people use them pyweek after pyweek so I can see the other side of the argument :-)
You are quite right, pygame still is pretty usable as of now. However I heard from somebody pygame 2 is never really going to happen, and the things they are doing are changing the good stuff and not replacing the ugly sides of it. (bear in mind this was years ago, so I'm not sure if that's still the case...) However pyglet only has 64bit support in its 1.2 alpha which I am quite surprised by, too bad. It looks superior to pygame in its use of decorators, and overall the metaphors make more sense. That said, it's obviously not as featureful as pygame in some aspects but in other it is (sprite batches) I've never actually finished a complete game, and I'm quite terrible at graphics, but I'm out of school and my work hasn't started yet, so who knows if this will happen.t
kenny-: Just look at the winning entries for the last PyWeeks and you can get a good picture on what is being successfully used.
kenny- I'm pretty sure pyglet still works on 32-bit, have you tested it? 64-bit support was added in 1.2 but 32-bit shouldn't have gone away.
Oh sorry I meant to say 32bit, not 64bit. Yeah I meant to complain about the lack of 64bit-support, sorry.