Moonlander - post judging comments

Well thanks to everyone who played my game 'moonlander' and gave useful feedback.  And congratulations to the winners.

Overall, I was pretty happy with how the game turned out.  In the ratings, I scored significantly higher for 'fun' than last time round, which was one of my aims, and a little bit higher overall.

The controls were maybe a bit sensitive, as some comments pointed out.  Also, I had hoped to implement a radar to show where the moon actually is, but time constraints got the better of me.  Again, adding extra things like moving asteroids etc. had to be shelved to ensure that I finished in time.  Finally, yes there is a 'bug' of sorts where one can reach the moon despite having crashed the rocket into a nearby asteroid!  This is because I used bitmasks for the collision, and the explosion images are a bit bigger than the rocket (oops).  I've now fixed this with a single line of code setting the self.mask attribute of the rocket sprite.

Next PyWeek I hope to
- Devote a bit more time to my game (like most people, I am sure)
- Go for something a little bit more ambitious in terms of gameplay (time permitting)
- Write more regular diary entries during the competition

See you all next time!