Something something postmortem

I didn't do too well this time round, but I totally deserved my score and the feedback was actually quite positive.

The game was definitely lacking a sense of achievement and this has made me appreciate traditional adventure/point and click games a lot more. I think there were a few elements of the game that really didn't work -

I didn't really appreciate this at the start but all these things contribute to a feeling that you are not really progressing in the game and lack of control. The nonsensical story could have been developed more as well, if I had more time.

I was quite shocked at how awful my code got in so short a time. but thankfully it mostly worked for everyone who rated it (I didn't realise mp3s were a problem in pygame, I'll stick to ogg next time).

Despite the final result, it was fun making it and hopefully I've learned a little from my mistakes. Thanks for playing and see you next pyweek!