Go team! My first PyWeek and it was awesome :)


It has been a total blast :)

I definitely was feeling like I could have been more helpful mid week, but generally have felt really involved, and am stoked to have had the chance to:

~ Be on such an amazing team!

~ Learn some new tools! (cocos2d+pyglet == awesomesauce+amazing! hg == sure.)

~ Work with such amazing people under pressure and really see how "the sausage it made".

~ Stretch some little used skillz (seriously this is probably the most seriously I've ever undertaken any graphics project and it's been a riot!)

~ Collaborating was the best! (Some of our hangout were hilarious and amazing, the silliness got quite extreme at different stages. Sure there was code-ragey-cursing-and-carrying-on also but this is also hilarious :)

Only a couple of late nights from me, but well worth it.

I'm so grateful to richard korg  and Caligari for having me on the their team and everything, fake beard and all :)