I love hacking on games. I love game programming challenges. I created PyWeek :)

My home on the 'net is at mechanicalcat.

Entries this user has been in:

17 Violet Hippo yes 2.84
16 Snurfle! no DNF
14 4X yes DNF
13 Failing is definitely an option no DNF
12 Carbon Based Lifeform no 2.40
11 Secretive Suswatari no 2.61
10 To-to-ro no 3.15
9 Easy no 3.51
8 Grumpy no DNF
7 Team XKCD yes 3.01
6 Flat Bot no 2.83
4 Fluffy Menace yes 3.63
3 Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit no 3.37
2 Steam of the Colossus! no 2.86

Awards this user has received:

Vive la Revolution Presented by drnlm for Violet Hippo

Fixing bugs during the first hours of the competition because i used esoteric unicode characters Presented by Ernie for 4X

xkcd meets Men in Black Presented by gcewing for Carbon Based Lifeform

New Zealand Order of the Fern Shoot - Awarded for curliness above and beyond the call of duty Presented by gcewing for To-to-ro

One more turn Presented by saluk for Team XKCD

First place in lexicographical order Presented by dmoisset for Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit

Awards this user has created:

Sharks With Friggin Lazer Beams

Most Guts In One Game

Best quack

Super Keen - first rego!

Education disguised as fun

Robot must DESTROY