Moonbase Apollo - Day 6

Pyweek is over for me as I'm at a wedding tomorrow. Arnav will continue tomorrow, to add new missions and tweak and balance the game.

I've not diarised as much this week because we have had less visible progress to show without giving the missions away. We decided to work on creating missions first, with visual effects, menus and sounds coming later, so that we wouldn't run out of time with a pretty but unplayable game.

Despite the problems people had installing Lepton last Pyweek I've gone with Lepton again, but it's now a soft dependency, so if it isn't importable the game will mock it out and you just won't see any particles. There's a better chance I'll be able to get the game running on Windows and do a py2exe port too. Lepton provides our thrust effect:

And this debris field that makes the explosions much more fun:

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Wow, looks amazing!