Day 3: Assets and sound

Today I've been working mostly with the 3D modeller to have few assets to make the lunar base look nice, or at least to make it look like a lunar base. So far, so good. I can't use more time on this, I'll come back to it later if I can!

Look at the following screenshot, I'm getting there!

Assets, assets, assets!

Besides the assets I've added some sound to the intro (I've played a silly tune with the guitar, not sure about it though) and the cut scene (yes, there's one with very lame voice acting!). All together I think it works to set up the mood.

Tomorrow is time to model the character and/or start to make something playable. I count on Friday (I'm off work) and Saturday for the final sprint, but I need to keep moving forward with the story-writing and the engine otherwise I'll end with a nice looking non playable game :(

Anyway, enough for today!

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I always admire people who do gamejams in 3D. Really nice minimalistic artset you have here.