Diary #2

Yesterday (the second day of my working on the game), I ran into a number of issues that perhaps I'll
solve later, as I've commented them to myself:

# current challenges to myself
# 1) Add back in folders and figure out how to load an
#    image from a different folder (see load_file)
# 2) [much simpler] Make more modular by moving some of the while True
#    moving stuff into the Player class in character.py
# 3) Make moving smoother (less jerky).
# 4) TOP PRIORITY: Finally figure out how to keep player in screen even
#    if holds down up key or such.

I did at least get the player to move around and I'll just have to leave it to the user's peril of leaving the
screen for now.

Yesterday and today, I have tried and tried and failed to get the player to stay in the screen; I think
I've spent too much time on it.

I've made my code slightly more modular by writing a separate level_one.py that my main calls.

That's all so far today.