I have achieved my goal! Level fix in extended...

Sweeeet, saw the ratings an hour ago and I reached my goal!!! At least 5th place was what I was going for and I got it on the dot. If I would have fixed that name bug I would have achieved 4th as two people gave me 1 1 1's for that, which is fair. I also didn't fix those stupid level bugs, everyone I'm sorry those dogs were impossible when on top of portals. That was a huge bug on my part!

I'm planning on increasing a lot of things on this game including improved gameplay, better AI, MORE AI, animations for all enemy characters, improved swords, better detail how to block the bullets with your sword, all that good stuff. Plus bosses and more levels!

Level Pack (to fix those annoying portals)

This will fix all the portal & ladder problems, its VERY beatable. My high score is somewhere around 37,000. Remember when you use your shield you get more points, and you can stop from getting hit by bullets.

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