Coding begins and space shows us its adventures

So the second day we actually made great progress. The day began very early, I went to donate blood along with a friend of mine, who was to become our chief graphics designer (I need to put him in the team once he registers). I showed him our concepts, and here he came with first amazing graphics:

Today me and wary spent whole day coding, and used some linear algebra and physics, as we tried to make realistic gravity and movement on planets (moons). I must say I was surprised by the fun of jumping around the planets itself.

The trickies part was the controls. Since when you're heads down it's pretty hard to hit the correct arrows (that are opposite of the direction), I decided to change the behavior of the keys depending on the angle player has against the closest planet. The resulting code of the function was a big mess, but the desired behavior is reached, so I forget about the function now and will never look back at it :)

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Nice art. Really nice art.