Moonbase Miner - Day 1

We've made excellent progress today after a late start. Though we had brainstormed we hadn't really decided on a game idea beforehand this time so it was 12 hours into the contest before we finally had something workable.

Having been ambitious in the last couple of Pyweeks we decided to change strategy and pick a much simpler game idea this time around, something that will let us get a good solid game under our belts early on and leave plenty of time for tweaking and making it fun.

This seems to have worked well because progress has been rapid today. We quickly knocked up some basic asteroids-style graphics and physics:

I spent a while working on a tractor beam, which behaves like a damped spring:

Meanwhile Arnav worked on bullets, and ejecting the loot from the asteroids:

I'm missing the final day of the competition for a wedding, so it feels great that we're well ahead of schedule so early on.