My Plan of Action

I confess I have ulterior motives. Therefore quite a few parameters of my game are already determined.

My entry will be a 2D action sidescroller, with a female hero who kills everything that moves. She'll have a variety of attacks depending on input combinations. I'll do all the artwork myself; I imagine the terrain would be kind of like Sonic the Hedgehog (though certainly not as pretty). The enemies will be pretty stupid and typical. Levels will be stored as XML. It'll use PyGame, and, despite being 2D, OpenGL, with the expectation of hardware acceleration.

I am planning to write an automatic terrain generator; hopefully this will give the game a lot of breadth in a short time period. The actual sort of terrain it'll generate will depend on the theme. For example, if the theme is "doorways" it'll probably generate a maze with lots of doorways.

My plan, roughly in order:

  1. A little preliminary artwork: heroine, some enemies, some terrain.
  2. Write the game engine. (I expect this to be the easiest step.)
  3. More complete artwork.
  4. Write the terrain generator, and tweak parameters until I get the scene generation I want.
  5. Integrate levels and some simple segways
  6. Polish things up
  7. If there's time: add more attacks more levels, sound effects.

Good luck to everybody!

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Looks like a good plan. Always leave some room for testing and packaging :)

I've written up some advice for entrants based on my experience from the last pyweek challenge and many LD48 challenges.