12 monkeys theme

the theme '12 Monkeys', refers to the movie bruce willis?

i'm colombian and i don't know if this refers to the movie or literally 12 apes


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It doesn't matter. Make a game about twelve actual monkeys, or about the movie, or about anything the theme makes you think of. But yeah, whoever came up with themes must have taken it from the title of the movie.
On the other hand, I'm a little nervous about using the actual movie as inspiration for the game because while most people have probably seen at least 1 of the movies, I'm guessing there are very few people that actually seen all 5 movies. For example, if 12 Monkeys was the final theme and I made a game about global pandemic or time travel, I'd be worried during judging that many people would say my game didn't adhere to the theme. So I'm trying to keep my brainstorming focused on literal interpretations of the titles (unless we come up something movie-specific so awesome that it's worth the risk). But that's just me. 
In the history of PyWeek no-one has ever been disqualified for not sticking to the theme. No-one has even come close.
richard: nobody will get disqualified! (in fact, in last pyweek one entry didn't include the source code and it wasn't disqualified either).

But still... you may get a a bad vote from a judge failing to understand your interpretation of the theme. With 12-16 judges voting your entry, that can be bad :D
Oh, richard. *We* need comment edit to I have a 2nd chance to write proper English!
Maybe a short explanation of your interpretation of the theme in your README and/or on your entry page, if it isn't obvious, would help judges to understand.
thanks. this is my firts pyweek and some things are not so clear.
@andarms what software projects have you previously done. Are you any good at python? Any vague game ideas for this challenge? Are you using pygame, or something else?