Python3 or Python2?

Python3 or Python2?

What are people planning to use this time around? 


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I know, I know, tell me all you want about how Python 3 is so fast and so improved, but I learned in, and am more comfortable in, Python 2. So this week at least I'll be using 2. Sometime in the future, I'll make the switch to 3, but not right now.

Anyone else?
I write my pyweek games in such a way that it works on both. 

While debugging, I use 2 with print statements.
Then I can run it in python 3 and watch it complain about any print statements I accidentally left in.
While perf testing, I use Python 2 because it's noticeably slower (and if I'm being super serious about it, I'll unplug my laptop charger as well).
And of course if I just want to play and enjoy the game I use 3 since it runs faster.

I'm using pyglet with Python 2 and I've found that it is fast enough, probably because using OpenGL all the heavy lifting happens in the GPU.

I'd love to use Python 3 but I'll have to start again investigating how to build a Windows bundle, etc :) as Ed said, I'll make the switch... but not this PyWeek.
I'm going for 2, mostly because I haven't bothered to install pygame for 3...
I'll probably develop with 2 but try to write 3 compatible code e.g. print("some stuff") etc.
I think I will try 3 - aiming for compatibility with 2 tho :-)
3 doesn't get enough love so my game is going to be broken in 2 :D