Should there have been an email announcing theme voting?

I didn't get one this time, and I usually do. I think it's a pretty good reminder to have.

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You aren't listed in the email out - I only email people who have registered a team, not everyone registered with the site.
richard: I recall getting the mail two PyWeeks ago and I've never been in a team. When I didn't get the mail in PyWeek 16 I thought it was because you were away and all that stuff.

Not that getting that mail is a big deal for, but I think it is useful for newbies.
I've been meaning to send out email to everyone registered but that requires I implement an unsubscribe mechanism which I've not had a chance to do.
OK that wasn't clear.

@reidrac: I should have said "entry", not "team". Sorry about that.

All people who have an entry in the current pyweek will receive emails about it from the pyweek bot.

And when I said "registered" in my comment above I mean all users of the site, not just those who have an entry.
So I should have received the mail and I didn't.

OK, I investigated a little bit and I found a log of a mail from richard at that was rejected because the server identified itself as (, with IP ending in 48.21) and the SPF record of doesn't authorize that IP. The same would have happened if the server identified itself as (same SPF record).

So the mail is not being delivered correctly because configuration issues :(

If the mail always comes from richard at I think I can whitelist that address but I suspect other users will have the same problem.

Let me know if you need help with this!
Ouch. Um, I'm kinda not a system administrator, and indeed the host is "" but also has the name "" because that's also hosted there. No idea what an SPF is (beyond cryptic stuffs in teh Googles) or how to make it Right. If someone could clue me in to making that correctly configured, I'd appreciate it :)
The domain name has a TXT record that includes the SPF:

$ dig TXT | grep -A1 ";; ANSWER"
;; ANSWER SECTION: 3595    IN    TXT    "v=spf1 ip4: ?all"

The SPF record specifies who's allowed to send mail from that domain. The address range specified in that record doesn't include current IP of machine. You need to change that TXT record, and I think the easiest way would be:

v=spf1 ip4: ipv4: ?all

In that way you include current IP of and the HELO part of the SMTP session will be correct!

You can ask about this, looks like the machine changed IP but someone forgot to change the SPF record :(

Send me a mail if you need extra help.
Sorry, I meant:

v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ?all

(I added an extra 'v' in the previous post).

It's too early in the morning and the post was sent before the coffee was in my organism!

(one of these days I'll add comment editing lol)