Library "poll"

Hi all, just wondering what library or libraries you reckon you'll be using this PyWeek?

My team will most likely be using pyglet, cocos2d and squirtle. Unless our artist decides he hates SVG. Then we do something else :-)

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I'd like to try something 3D, so I've been "training" a little bit in that area; but you know how things work, so I will probably end doing something completely different.

I think I'm going with pyglet, and my usual toolset:

 - Gimp: regular graphics and textures.
 - mtPaint: pixel art, I used it in PyWeek 15.
 - SoundTracker: music.
 - sfxr: sound effects.
 - Audacity: audio editing.
 - Wings 3D: modeling.
 - Tiled: maps editing.

My "maybe" list includes:

 - Inkscape: in case I don't do pixel art, I used it in PyWeek 16 with good results.
 - Ardour: in case I have the time/want to spend more time with the music; unlikely.
 - PyxelEdit: it works in Linux using Wine but I didn't have the chance to investigate further.

It's not I'm an expert or anything like that, but more or less I know how to use these. All of them are open source and free to use tools (PyxelEdit is just free as in "free beer", but it doesn't support Linux anyway).

Besides I plan to use py2exe to build a Windows binary bundle, and pretty much that's it!
I'll probably do straight-up pygame like always. If I have an online component like last time I'll use websockets again, that seemed to work out well.
I have used:

So last comment didn't post.  =/

- Aesprite
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- Pygame, of course
- Aesprite: Animated sprite editor
- Pixelmator: Great 'photoshop' for Mac...non-free
- Bfxr: Like sfxr for chip sounds, but more options
- not a library, but a nice resource for free sound effects

I'll also be using my usual library, lib2d, which is currently here.  I was considering, chipmunk2d, but its kind of a pain for people to install, so i'll be forgoing it this round.
I'll be doing a vanilla entry as usual.

PyGame that runs on 2.x and 3.x without NumPy/Numeric.

Exciting, yes. 
Probably just pygame for me too, and will try and make some art/sounds in Gimp/Audacity.