Hi Folks,

Planning on doing an rpg this time around - does any have any experience/resources to share?



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One piece of advice: keep it simple :-)
Ha ha! Very true - my eldest is pushing for multi-player :-)
my comment:  use lots of existing graphics and sounds.  open game art is a fantastic repository of game art.  you can search for the 'liberated pixel cup' to find sets of pretty high quality artwork that would work well with an rpg.

finally, i attempted an rpg for one pyweek, spent 5 days on the coding, then only had a few hours to do the story and plot.  needless to say...it didn't work well.

oh!!  you will save yourself a TON of headaches if you make your game maps non-scrolling.  it is tempting to make it scroll, but i found it is super tricky to do properly AND works on a variety of computers.
Thanks for the advice on all those fronts. Been doing some thinking and listing things I like in a game and seeing where they overlap in things I would like to code for this challenge.

I have been looking at my code from the 'Mad Science' PyWeek. I may reuse some of the ideas from that. It created a reasonably explorable world but I ran out of time to put much in it!! :-) The game world was a bit empty and dull. Number of items makes the game interesting so I should probably set a target for that. I have also being playing Gurk on Android which is a great little retro RPG and fun research - recommended.

Right more practice coding!
I am currently working on an online RPG engine called PyORPG (http://www.powrtoch.org/pyorpg/). You may be interested in the assets that I've used for it. They're all from OpenGameArt. You can find them here: https://github.com/marcusmoller/pyorpg-client/tree/master/data
Thanks for that. I've relaxed my grip on the RPG idea a little so that I can be influenced by the theme choice. PyORPG looks great :-)