if you like pyglet, you might like this javascript game engine

Hey guys!

I thought I'd drop this link here. This is chem, an HTML5 canvas-based game engine which is inspired by pyglet. If you like pyglet but you want to make a game in javascript or coffee-script that works on everybody's web browser, you might like to try this out.

I've ported 2 of my PyWeek games to it:
Lemming (PyWeek #12)
Dr. Chemical's Lab (PyWeek #14)

I hope it's useful to you.

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Very cool! Lemming throws an error for me right at New Game on Chrome. Not sure if it's supposed to work yet. Dr. Chemical's Lab seems to work, but it's just as hard as I remember. :P
I almost got it working, but then I started working on another 7-day game development challenge. I'll have to finish the port next week!
Alright, I got lemming to a playable state. Still some glitches here and there but overall it should work.