ADMIN: Judging duration

I've had an enquiry about the length of the judging period (why two weeks and not just one).

I'll re-evaluate the duration at the end of this challenge, but at the moment only 35% of eligible users have actually rated any games. Eligible users being those in a team that put in a final entry.

Of that 35% of users, no-one has rated all the games. Several have only rated one. A couple of games have been rated by 24% of users, but the average is more like about 15% of users.

If it turns out these numbers don't move much at the end of the second week, I'll reduce judging to one week.

There's a chance, of course that my posting this message will encourage some users to rate some more games. Miaow ;)

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I'll admit I certainly feel no pressure to judge anything in the first week. I always figured the interval was there so you had a little time to spend away from the keyboard before judging.
Since Thursday it says 'rated' for all the games on my entry listings page. Well, except my own game I guess.

In the past, I've appreciated the two weeks, but this time around I just got the ratings done quickly, and two weeks seems like forever. If there were more entries, the extra time would probably be needed.

I'd prefer one week. I'm pretty eager to try out all the games so I write most of my reviews soon after the entries are released. I'm also eager to see the comments for our game.

I actually wouldn't mind if there was some kind of a mandatory voting for at least a couple of entries.
I personally prefer the longer period.
Following the compo I generally have to focus on real life for a while.
So it is nice that I dont have a lot of pressure to get back on the computer right away.
And I like to be able to really play each game for a while so that I can get a good feel for the game and what the the developers were going for with it.

It is much easier this compo due to the smaller number of entrants, but I still feel the current duration time is about the best you can get,
long enough so that there isnt a major time constraint,
but also short enough that you dont have to wait till kingdom come to find out how you did.

I was one of the people who commented on how long the judging period is, but I must admit that the arguments here have swayed me. Two weeks isn't that long to have to wait, and the ability to have a cool-off period before diving into judging is actually quite nice. I now think the longer period is better.

Not that I don't want to know what people think of my game right now...

I spent all the time i could during the last week and the weekend, and still ended with 4 unrated games.
I would really hate to rate a game without fully playing it and see what it worth, so two weeks is a must for me, in order to not make it py-two-weeks of not seeing anyone
Yeah, I did my best while locked up in a hotel room to rate as many games as possible. I still have a list of about 7 games that I have played, but not rated, and then a list of games that I haven't been able to run.

And, this is the first time I've managed to make it back to this site since last week. I was checking to make sure time hadn't run out! Want to give everyone a vote that I can.
Am I the only one who doesn't want a White Dress?
Am I the only one who doesn't want a White Dress?