jpw16e missing source?

So, when I unzip jpw16e (Joshua) 's entry, I jsut get a game_build_1.exe, and no sign of any source code, nor do I see a link to anything that looks like the source on the entry page.

Anyone know how to get the source? Before I disqualfiy the entry, I just want to make sure I haven't missed something obvious.

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Nope I don't see it either, looks like a definite DQ.

Weird that he doesn't have any diary entries, I remember him making a few posts before and during the competition but I can't find them now.
I found his introduction post, github and tumblr. No trace of the source code though. You can extract game_build_1.exe and get the pyc files that seem to work with Python 2.6. If you install pygame for 2.6 you might be able to get it to work. Since it's described as a tech demo, I'll pass :).